Better Wages for Assistants

"My Way" Socio-Rehabilitation Day Care Center for Children and Teenagers with Autism, is a unique facility in Armenia -- indeed in the region, catering to the needs of children and young adults with autism. On our visit there in April 2017, we were able to see how teachers and staff can succeed in improving the lives and future perspectives of people with autism. The center offers a wide variety of services to autistic persons and their families. (see link) The center relies on the expertise of expert therapists who work with the children and young adults on a one-on-one basis, to help with language skills and vocational training. The Mirak-Weissbach Foundation made a donation this year aimed at raising the salaries of 24 of the specialist therapists employed.
The "My Way" center enjoys the patronage of the First Lady of Armenia, Rita Sargsyan, who is President of the Autism National Foundation.

My Way staff 2017

My way staff 2017