A Classroom for Cooks

At the Parakar school N2 just outside Yerevan, the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) has organized several facilities, making it possible for children with special needs to received the education they need to lead meaningful productive lives. The school offers training in arts and crafts, weaving, etc. One thing that was missing at the school was instruction in cooking. If these young people are to take care of themselves in their own living quarters, they will have to know how to provide their own meals. The school needed a classroom to teach cooking, as Margarit Piliposyan told us on our visit this year.
There was a large room, at the time filled with cots that could be transformed into a classroom for cooking. Through a grant by the Mirak-Weissbach Foundation, the room has been totally rebuilt. Walls and floors have been renovated, facilities for electricity and water have been installed, and the new classroom has been furnished with all the utilities it needs: stoves, ovens, refrigerators, kitchen counters, tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves -- the works.

Resting area, to be converted into cooking classroom The Weissbachs (1. and 3.), Margarit Piliposyan (2.) and teacher (4.) April 2017 Before renovation...July 2017 Before renovation2....July 2017 Window before renovation... July 2017 Classroom August 2017 Classroom completed August 2017 Classroom2 August 2017 Classroom3 August 2017 Classroom4 August 2017 Classroom5 August 2017 Cooking classroom October 2017 Cooking classroom2 October 2017 Cooking classroom3 October 2017 Cooking classroom4 October 2017