2020 – Armenians, Autism and the Emirates. It was February 17 in Zvartnots airport, and two young men shared the stool at the red piano and played with energy and passion. It was before the Coronavirus pandemic had brought international travel to a halt, and they were expressing their excitement about their imminent flight.Read Further

2019 – ‘My Way’ Center for Autistic Children Celebrates Expansion. The second building of the My Way Socio-Rehabilitation Day Care Center for people with autism was to be reconstructed, its spacious classrooms and facilities would provide the framework for vocational education of young adults. Read Further

2019 – Matthew DeLong Reports on a summer School he attended with the financial support of the Mirak-Weissbach Foundation. Read Further

2019 – Yerevan Music Students Win in Rimini
Everyone was amazed at the excellence displayed by the young musicians from Armenia. They participated in the International Artistic Days Italia, a festival and contest held in Rimini from June 24-27, 2019. The youngsters from Yerevan won several prizes in the competition, four first prizes and seven second prizes, to be precise.Read Further

2018 – A Happy Musical New Year for Dilijan Students
Students at the State Art College of Dilijan are ringing in the New Year with music, and with brand new instruments, thanks to the initiative of the Foundation for Armenian Relief (FAR). FAR, established in 1988 as a relief effort after the earthquake, has continued to raise funds for economic, social and educational programs in Armenia and cooperates with other foundations on specific projects. One of them focuses on music education.Read Further

2018 – Young Armenian Musicians Delight Audiences in Vienna and Berlin
Music lovers in Europe are not surprised when they discover an Armenian or two among the performers in the orchestra or chorus on stage at a classical concert. Now and again there are special guest performances of soloists, or dancers that tour Europe, like the famous Geghard dance ensemble. But it is highly unusual to attend a concert of young Armenian children. In late June-early July, just such a rare treat was offered in Vienna and Berlin, as a group of music students from Yerevan displayed their talents. Read Further

2017 – A Classroom for Cooks
At the Parakar school N2 just outside Yerevan, the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) has organized several facilities, making it possible for children with special needs to received the education they need to lead meaningful productive lives. Read Further

2017 – Better Wages for Assistants
"My Way" Socio-Rehabilitation Day Care Center for Children and Teenagers with Autism, is a unique facility in Armenia -- indeed in the region, catering to the needs of children and young adults with autism. Read Further

2017 – Helping Young Scholars
In 2017 the Mirak-Weissbach Foundation launched a scholarship program to help young Armenians continue their studies and research. Arpine Ginosyan, Lusine Arakelyan, Hannah Sophie Schmuck. Read Further

September 2017 – Wiesbaden Musician Renews Ties to Armenia
On Sunday, September 17, solo clarinetist Heiner Rekeszus performed in a farewell concert in Wiesbaden, before going into retirement. The 65-year-old musician was co-founder of the Chamber Music Association of the Hessen
State Orchestra in Wiesbaden, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.   Read Further

April 2017 – We visited Armenia from April 4-12 2017.
Flying to Yerevan, we also went to Gyumri, Yervandashat and Geghashen. The schedule was packed with meetings to visit completed projects and see old friends. Then we also identified some new projects and made new acquaintances. Our first priority was to see the progress made in projects the foundation has supported in the past years. Read Further

April 2017 ‘My Way’ Is Helping Children with Autism in Armenia
My Way is a day center for children and young adults with autism. Here the children and youngsters receive therapy through clay modelling, painting, music, language classes, sports and games. The staff are highly qualified and the center now receives state support; the First Lady Rita Sargsyan is its patron.The Mirak-Weissbach Foundation has decided to contribute €5000. Read Further

July 2017 – Golden Voices Ring in Yerevan
In late July, the Armenian capital played host to the “Golden Voice” International Vocal Competition, in which 26 participants from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and the US presented their musical talents. Second prize went to Lusine Arakelyan. Read Further

Februar 26, 2017
– Poland Welcomes Promising Armenian Vocalist
Lusine Arakelyan
“Incredible Lusine Arakelyan gave a great New Year’s concert at the Warsaw concert hall in front of 1,200 guests. Her beautiful voice and great musical experience are unforgettable. The audience gave her several standing ovations. The orchestra conductor also praised her voice and performance.” This is how singer and music critic Kristina Sulzichka put it in a review of the event. Read Further

August 18, 2016 – A Special Light Shines through Art
When artist Hakob Hovhannisyan returned to Armenia in 2008, after having lived and worked for years in St. Petersburg, he started looking for a place near his native Gumri to set up his studio. Among the many locations he surveyed was Gusanagyugh, a small village about 20 kilometers outside Gumri. It was the particular quality of light that fascinated him. Read Further

July 9, 2016 - Concert in the Gegashen Music School
On June 5, 2016 students at the Gegashen Music School gave a concert to conclude the academic year, with the new piano donated by the Mirak-Weissbach Foundation. School principal Mariam Kazaryan, left at the podium, greeted guests.The newspaper "Kotayq" published a report on the concert. Read Further

May 2016 – Visit to Armenia 2016
From April 20 to 27, Muriel Mirak-Weissbach and her husband Michael Weissbach visited Armenia. They took part in the Aurora-Dialogues in Yerevan which dealt with the international refugee crisis, and in the awarding ceremony for the Aurora-Prize for Awakening Humanity Read Further

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October 23, 2015 – Lusine Arakelyan Sings in Italy and Spain
In September 2015 Lusine Arakelyan participated in master classes and the Montserrat Caballé International Singing competition. The Fourth Master Class in Opera Singing (Canto Lirico) were held in Trevignano Romano (near Rome) under the direction of Italian soprano Stefania Bonfadelli and Maestro Simone Maria Marziali. The Mirak-Weissbach Foundation sponsored her air fare from Yerevan to Rome and Barcellona, and return.

Lusine Arakelyan

Lusine Arakelyan in Trevignano Romano.

10347648_500829410090739_6687703219313663034_n (1)

Lusine Arakelyan and Stefania Bonfadelli.

23 October 2015 – Dancing in a Renovated Cellar
The Mirak-Weissbach Foundation provided funds for the renovation of the Children Support Center of FAR (Fund for Armenian Relief) in 2014. In addition to providing a safe, clean and warm area for sports during the winter, the cellar facilities can be used for other activities, for example, dance classes.


Gyumri, October 2-5, 2014 – This year the Weissbachs’ trip to Armenia took place from September 29 to October 9. They visited friends of the music school in Gyumri and were treated to a concert in the recital hall, which featured the Blüthner piano. It was very clear that the new instrument is held in highest esteem. The school is blossoming and developing, and the number of students has grown over the first year to more than 200.


At the music school in Gyumri the new Blüthner is held in high esteem and is played, as here, mainly at recitals.

Yerevan, October 10, 2014 – Accompanied by Margarit Piliposyan of the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), the Weissbachs visited two social projects: the home for young women in Etchmiatzin Mer Doon and the Child Support Center Foundation in Yerevan.
(See report under Projects 2014!)

Lusine Arakelyan wins second prize at Komitas Festivals.
On June 7, 2014 soprano Lusine Arakelyan took part in the voice competition at the 3rd international Komitas Festival, held in at the Schloss Prötzel, Germany, and won the second prize.
(link to Komitas Festival homepage: http://www.komitas-festival.de/festival/ziele/)

Katowice, in October 2014 – On the invitation of Director Grzegorz Mierzvinski, Lusine Arakelyan sang in several concerts in Katowice, Poland. She was accompanied by the Kopalnia Wegla Kamiennego Murcki Staszic Orchestra, and performed 12 pieces, among others, songs by Komitas and Dolukhanyan. The concerts were received with enthusiasm. For the young soprano Lusine, these were the first concerts in which she was officially engaged by contract as a soloist – a big step in her still young career.


Lusine Arakelyan (3. von l.) sang auch Konzerte in Katowice.