Musical Instruments for Oshagan

On 29 Mai 2013 we delivered the first group of musical instruments to the music school in Oshagan. The city is not far from Etchmiadzin, and is world famous as the final resting place of Mesrob Mashtots, who invented the Armenian alphabet at the beginning of the 5th century A.D.

Originally we had collected the instruments for the music school #6 (“Octet“) in Gyumri, but after having learned from the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) that Gyumri was about to receive a generous donation of instruments from Canada, we modified our plans. Thanks to the help of the FAR office in Yerevan, we learned about the music school in Oshagan, for which FAR had organized funds to erect a new building.

When we visited the school, we were treated to a short concert by some students, on the piano, as well as in an ensemble of Kanouns, cello and wind instruments. Although Oshagan has instruments, the director was happy to see those we had brought with us, which included violin, flute, bows, strings, chin supports, a new cello case and so forth. He received them with thanks, and assured us that they would be put to good use at the school.

We found out that the school, though completely new and beautifully finished, still needs some furniture, and that they plan to build up a library of DVD's, CD's, musical scores and books. One new task we put on our agenda was to help supply this new library.

 <p class="left">Michael Wei&szlig;bach presenting instruments to Oshagan music school director, with Margarit Piloposyan, Deputy Country Director of FAR, Yerevan</p> Oshagan music school director receiving flute. Oshagan music school director receiving flute Oshagan music school ensemble with kanouns Students in Oshagan Yerevan Conservatory students perform in orchestra