Mirak-Weissbach Foundation
Mirak-Weißbach Stiftung

The Mirak-Weissbach Foundation

The Mirak-Weissbach Foundation was founded by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach and Michael Weissbach. It was officially registered in Germany as a legal charitable institution on August 1, 2012. Muriel Mirak-Weissbach, born in the United States, is the daughter of two Armenian orphans who survived the 1915-1916 genocide. Both parents emigrated to America after World War I, where they met and later married. Her father, John Mirak, and his family supported numerous initiatives of the Armenian community in the USA and abroad over many years. Among them are the Armenian Cultural Foundation and the John Mirak Foundation, both in the Boston area. Today the second and third generations are carrying on the work, led by Robert Mirak, Muriel’s older brother. It is this tradition of promoting Armenian classical culture and especially supporting the efforts of youth of Armenian descent, as well as the Republic of Armenia, that the Mirak-Weissbach Foundation wants to continue.

The purpose of the foundation, as defined in its statute, is to provide

“support and promotion of children, youth and adults through ideal and financial backing; especially individuals in and from Armenia as well as individuals of Armenian descent who have lost their parents or who have been abandoned by their parents (orphans, street children) should be supported.”

This includes sponsoring material aid, such as equipment for kindergartens, orphanages and schools; educational opportunities, through scholarships, or providing living expenses for students; enhancing educational facilities, for example, by contributing instruments to music schools, and the like.

The Mirak-Weissbach FoundationThe Mirak-Weissbach Foundation